Outstanding Indian & South Asian Matchmaking Service FAQs

We get many repeat questions about the matchmaking service and so here are the answers to the most frequent. As always, if you have any further questions, please email us at ca@connectasian.net

Lets see how ConnectAsian Matchmaking Compares to other services:


Other Matchmaking Services

Gold Service £100


Average of 6 Quality Matches

6 Matches

1 year membership

6 months membership

Unlimited Profile Edits

Limited Profile Curation

Firstly allow us to explain why matchmaking is far superior to dating apps.

Advantages to Matchmaking

Our matchmaking services has several advantages over many of the more well-known dating apps. One of the main advantages is that we are far more adept and have a better understanding of human behaviour and relationships. We use our knowledge to screen and match individuals, taking into account factors such as compatibility, values, and goals.

This can lead to more successful and long-lasting relationships compared to standard dating apps, where individuals are often matched based on superficial criteria such as appearance or location.

More Personalised

Another advantage of taking up our incredible matchmaking offer is we make it a more personalised experience. We matchmakers take the time to get to know our clients and understand their unique needs and preferences.

We then use this information to make tailored match recommendations, rather than simply presenting a list of potential matches like dating apps.

Matchmaking also tends to attract a higher-quality clientele, as individuals are typically willing to invest more time and money into finding a serious relationship.

This can lead to a more selective dating pool and a greater chance of finding a compatible match.

Finally, we as a matchmaking service provide a level of privacy and discretion that is often lacking in standard dating apps.

We keep our your information confidential and only share it with potential matches, which can provide a more comfortable and secure dating experience.

Why should I pay for matchmaking when you have a free facebook group?

We have a free Facebook Singles group with over 3300 single people and many do approach us and say to us ‘let us know if you can think of anyone suitable for me.’

Whilst we do strive to do our best, it can a logistical challenge with so many active members, to facilitate and create those matches.

The matchmaking service allows us to do just that in a much more effective way using our state-of-the-art matchmaking system.

How much does it cost?

You can find the prices and packages here: https://connectasian.net/matchmaking-packages/

How does matchmaking work?

Dating has changed and the idea of swiping through dozens, perhaps even hundreds of profiles daily doesn’t appeal to everyone.

This is where matchmaking offers an alternative, in that we will do the searching for you.

The process usually yields a small number of matches but they will be individuals who fit your profile and are as committed to meeting someone, for a long-term relationship, just as you are.

The match is done by our sophisticated system which looks at all the profiles and matches you based, not only on your preferences, but also on your interests and values too.

You and the other party, both receive a snapshot profile of the other person, that include at least one image, first name, email and a bio that you submitted into your profile.

Once you have the match you can then reach out and make an introduction.

What is the difference between ‘Passive’ and ‘Active’ matching?

On the silver service we passively match for you, which means we don’t actively look for matches for you, but you could end up being matched with one of our Gold, Diamond, or Platinum members.

On the Gold, Platinum or Diamond service we actively seek matches for you, and you will be sent a match as soon as they happen.

When will I get my matches and how many can I expect?

We say that one match is worth a thousand swipes, and we truly believe that. You can be swiping for hours, but never get the matches you want.

With Matchmaking, you can be assured that the person you get sent, is single, has been vetted, is serious about looking for a long term partner, and you already have preferences that align, e.g. dietary preferences.

As mentioned in our T&C’s there are never any guarantees that you will get matches or with any set frequency, although we will always strive to make sure you do.

There is no set frequency when you get matches. you may get 1 in 3 months or 3 in a single month.

The service is still relatively new and so new people are joining daily, so your perfect match could join at any moment.

We wish to thank you for being patient while we continue to learn more about you and other members, so that we can continue to provide all members with suitable matches.

What information do you send to prospective matches?

We send your first name, email and your bio where you filled out the ‘tell us about yourself’ section. Here’s an example screenshot below (it will not include your age, phone number or address.)

Example introduction.

What if I don’t want my personal details shared?

The purpose of matchmaking is to facilitate introductions and we need to share some basic information, so that you then have the option to contact that person, and for them to also contact you.

If you don’t want you personal details shared and would rather see the other person first, that is part of the platinum or diamond package which includes the concierge service.

What if I’ve met them before?

Don’t worry if you’ve been matched with someone that you’ve met previously on a different app or service.

Just drop us an email on ca@connectasian.net and we’ll move them to a list on your profile that won’t allow you to be matched with that individual again.

How do I update my profile?

Send us an email on ca@connectasian.net and we’ll send you a link with which to update your profile.

Can I view who’s on your matchmaking database?

Matchmaking works differently to dating apps or other services. We manage our database and we do the matching for you so that you don’t need to do endless swiping or see a database.

Are you just based in the U.K.?

Currently The ConnectAsian Matchmaking is for Indian and South Asians primarily in the U.K. If you wish to join and are outside the U.K., email us first to confirm that we can accommodate you.